Our Approach to Feedback

Written by Gabia Neverauskaitė, Psychologist & Remote Assessment Coordinator, Mock-OSCE.com

Our Approach to Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of learning that is becoming a fundamental part of medical education curricula. Receiving feedback improves the learning experience, and narrows the gap of what is missing in knowledge1. Feedback that is effective reinforces good practice, and leads the student towards their desired outcome1

At Mock-OSCE.com, we offer both verbal and written feedback to all candidates. The verbal feedback is immediate and received after each station, as this is known to significantly improve student performance2. Short periods of immediate feedback provides students valuable self-assessment, hence why we keep this verbal feedback to three minutes. There are many existing models for delivering feedback with no particular one fulfilling the one-for-all criteria. We have recently adopted the Pendleton Model for our verbal feedback as it is student-focused, conversation-based, and identifies the student’s goals3. It involves initially asking the student what went well and not so well from their perspective, which in turn shapes the examiner’s response as the student’s reflection acts as a guide. Focusing on the positives first and allowing the student to reflect creates a safe environment and prevents defensiveness3. The examiner makes general comments about the overall performance and offers suggestions for improvement. This feedback is designed to be short and sweet to put the student at ease before their ensuing station.

Conversely, the written feedback is a more detailed and descriptive evaluation of the performance observed. It is intended to be specific, balanced and constructive, while focusing on behaviour and describing gaps throughout the analysis4. Integrating these factors together, ensures we offer our students the best possible feedback that will be useful for them when facing their real practical exams. The written feedback along with scores allocated by following to the Calgary-Cambridge Guide are emailed soon after the exam is complete, as again, we want to ensure it is as timely as possible. 

The feedback is revised by Mock-OSCE.com administrators to deem it safe and appropriate before being delivered to recipients. 

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The Mock-OSCE platform is a performance booster for every stage of career and will boost confidence, increase focus, and shine a light on clinical areas that need improvement. An excellent tool for OSCE Preparation!!! And the staff very kind and friendly. The experience was well worth the money!! I feel like I have friends in Ireland.
Avis T., United States
I am a doctor with various years of postgraduate experience. I need to sit several OSCE type of exams to further develop my professional career. I had the fortune to find Mock-OSCE.com. Even though it is focused more on medical students, I found the experience very enriching. Actors were outstanding, and gave great immediate feedback. The feedback breakdown that is sent after the mock exam is awesome. I would not doubt to recommend Mock-OSCE.com to any colleague.
Alejandro F., New Zealand
It was good to be able to practise history taking in an exam style mock OSCE!
Joy A., England
It was good practice and the feedback provided was helpful.
Tatiana M., Scotland
As a family doctor from Saudi Arabia, currently pursuing a PhD, I appreciated taking the Mock-OSCE exam to train and assess my English communication skills. The test was well-organised, challenging, and efficient. Examiners gave me feedback which was structured, safe, to the point and well received.
Akram A., Saudi Arabia
Great experience and extremely helpful.
Carol C., Australia
The power of the consult for diagnosis is sometimes considered as strong as sophisticated imaging and/or assays - Mock-OSCE is a fantastic tool to sharpen skills, get more out of consults, and ultimately build stronger relationships with patients.
K.S., United States
The feedback is especially helpful as it provides useful details of improvement.
S.R., Canada
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