Mock OSCE payment options

New ways to pay for Mock OSCEs

We’ll shortly be adding new options for paying for both Mock OSCE exams on our website and also our range of OSCE training materials which will be included as part of a new subscription model on

Mock OSCE subscriptions

In the coming weeks, a number of new subscription packages will be launched which will allow users to pay a monthly fee to access training materials, such as the digital versions of Mediview’s Skills In Medicine series (now available in hardcopy from our Shop). As part of the subscription package, subscribers can also access a certain number of Mock OSCEs per year.

This means that every year, each subscriber can join a Mock OSCE at their chosen time as part of their subscription instead of having to pay a higher once-off fee to access a particular examination.

Pay in instalments

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to pay for a Mock OSCE, as and when, without becoming a subscriber, we’ll be adding a “pay in instalments” option, to help users spread out the cost of a one-off Mock OSCE. Users will thus be able to pay off the cost of the OSCE in instalments rather than paying for the examination all-at-once.

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