How does it work?

How do Mock OSCEs work? allows medical and healthcare students who are studying for their clinical skills exams (OSCEs) to book and take a mock exam that replicates the OSCE format used for assessment by universities around the world. It can also be used by medical professionals to improve their clinical communication skills.

The Mock OSCE is a time-constrained station-based remote approach, meaning the exam is staged online with participants, real students and real actors/patients logging on to a web-based platform to participate in the OSCE, using a webcam and microphone. Students are cycled through 7 separate one-on-one sessions (each lasting 10 minutes) with a “mock” patient.

Each session begins with a reading phase that gives 1 minute to review a “mock” scenario, then a video chat opens and the student conducts a consultation with an actor patient. The student is allowed and expected to ask questions of the patient to understand the medical situation. Then the student is asked to diagnose the patient, and finally to provide a treatment plan. In the final minute, the patient will then provide feedback to the student to improve their methodology. This process continues for 6 more separate “mock” patients.

After the entire session is over, an email report card is sent that provides detailed feedback of the student’s efforts.

Step 1: Choose a date that suits you to take the Mock OSCE

Mock OSCE choose a date

Visit our upcoming Mock OSCE calendar and choose an OSCE that suits your learning objectives and your schedule, giving yourself ample time to prepare for the exam. Once you’ve decided which OSCE you’re going to take, book your place on the exam and pay the fee.

After completing registration and payment, you will receive an email confirming your participation.

Our Mock OSCEs take place on a platform called Qpercom that must be opened in a Google Chrome web browser. Your username and password to access the Qpercom platform, will be sent to your email address instantly after booking. In good time before the date of the exam, we will send you a reminder by email.

Step 2: Log in and participate in the Mock OSCE on the day of the exam

Qpercom login page

Access the Qpercom platform 10-15 minutes before your scheduled exam time. After logging in, you will be placed in a waiting area until the examination administrator confirms your presence and welcomes you prior to starting the OSCE.

The exam will progress through various stages, giving you time to read instructions (“Reading Time”) and information on the upcoming stations before you automatically enter each station. Upon entering your first OSCE station, you will see and meet the patient/actor and/or examiners/actors who will be participating in the various exam scenarios with you. Their webcam feeds will be displayed on your screen, like you would expect while on a video call. In each station, you will be expected to perform your role as per the station instructions. Each station will be timed and you will move through each station automatically, encountering new OSCE scenarios, until the administrator ends the exam at the end.

Step 3: Receive your results and feedback on your performance

Mock OSCE results

After the exam, you will receive an instant result for the Mock OSCE, detailing exactly how you scored in each station.

A few days later, we will provide personalised feedback on your performance, outlining where you did well and what areas of the OSCE could be improved. Your results and feedback will be sent by email to you.

The email will also include a discount code which you can use if you want to take another Mock OSCE at a reduced rate, to further improve your skills.

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