Skills in Medicine – The Pulmonary Examination


In this book the physical diagnostic examination of the lungs is discussed. The book serves to aid the medical student in obtaining basic knowledge regarding the physical examination of the lungs, where the technique and interpretation (by means of examples) play a central role. In addition, it is also suitable for people who would like to refresh their basic knowledge of the lung examination.

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ISBN: 978-90-77201-18-3

authors: Dr. Elly M. van Duijnhoven & Dr. Arne F. van Belle

  • The lungs and airways
  • Background knowledge
  • Position of the lungs and airways in relation to the thoracic wall
  • Anatomical knowledge of lungs and airways
  • History-taking and general aspects of the lung
  • examination
  • History-taking
  • Aim of the examination of the lungs
  • Conditions for the examination
  • Material for the examination
  • Sequence of the examination of the lungs
  • Inspection
  • General inspection
  • Inspection of the thorax
  • Palpation
  • Lymph node stations
  • Respiratory excursions
  • Pain upon palpation
  • Vocal fremitus
  • Percussion
  • Percussion sounds
  • Aims of thoracic percussion
  • Percussion of the posterior thorax
  • Percussion of the sides
  • Percussion of the anterior thorax
  • Auscultation
  • Assessment of breath sounds
  • Adventitious sounds
  • Bronchophony
  • Physical-diagnostic findings for some disorders
  • Summary of the lung examination procedure


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