Skills in Medicine – The Gynaecological Examination


During the gynaecological examination the investigator intrudes on the patient’s personal intimacy more than with any other physical diagnostic examination. Consequently, not only does a command of the examination techniques and skills play a role, but attitude, communication skills and attentiveness are also important.

In this book the basic gynaecological examination is discussed. It has been decided to discuss the necessary skills, based on the practical setting. These will be discussed briefly and systematically.

The video-clips included in this book form an important addition to the text and photo’s.

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ISBN: 978-90-77201-23-7

authors: Dr. Emer Hageraats & Prof. Gerard G. Essed

  • Conditions and requirements for the examination
  • History-taking
  • The gynaecological examination: skills
    • Preparation
    • External inspection
    • Internal inspection by means of speculum examination
    • Bimanual examination
  • Specific examinations
    • Cervical smear
    • Investigation of vaginal discharge
  • Dealing with problems
    • Increased vaginal discharge
    • Reddish-brown vaginal discharge
    • Heavy menstruation
    • Acute abdominal pain
    • Gynaecological examination and cultural influences


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