Skills in Medicine – The Examination of the Eyes and Vision


In this book, the basic ophthalmologic skills are discussed and explained. We will not go into specialised skills and examination techniques that apply in the ophthalmology clinic.

Each chapter in this book has an identical structure. A short introduction, in which the problems are laid out and the accompanying history is taken, this is followed by a summary and discussion of the materials required for the examination. The technique involved in the examination is then discussed.

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ISBN: 978-90-77201-28-2

authors: Dr. Marjo Franssen & Dr. John de Brabander

  • Vision and colour vision
  • The visual field
  • The eyelids
  • The pupillary reflex
  • The position of the eyes and binocular vision
  • The anterior segment of the eye and the eye globe, removing a foreign body and applying an eye dressing
  • Intraocular pressure using the glaucoma test
  • The posterior segment of the eye by means of direct funduscopy


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