Skills in Medicine – The Cardiovascular Examination


This book describes the physical diagnostic examination of the circulatory system. It is intended to help provide the medical student with a basic knowledge of the physical examination of the heart and vascular system, whereby the focus is on technique and interpretation. The book is also suitable for all those wanting to refresh their basic knowledge of the circulatory system.

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ISBN: 978-90-77201-19-0

authors: Dr. E. van Duijnhoven & Dr. A. Gorgels

  • Introduction
  • History-taking
  • The heart
  • Position of the heart with respect to the thoracic wall
  • Inspection
  • General inspection
  • Thorax shape
  • Precordial impulses and retractions
  • The apex
  • Right ventricle impulses and retractions
  • Other pulsations
  • Jugular veins
  • Palpation
  • Percussion
  • Auscultation
  • Heart tones
  • Auscultation points
  • Murmurs
  • Pericardial rub
  • Heart examination procedure
  • Peripheral circulation
  • Inspection of the arterial and venous circulation
  • Palpation of the venous and arterial circulation
  • Palpation of the arteries
  • Auscultation of the arteries
  • Palpation of the veins
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Procedure
  • Influencing factors


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