Skills in Medicine – Minor Surgery


This book is written for general practitioners, physicians in training to become general practitioners, medical students, and other interested individuals (medical receptionists, nurses, midwives, etc.). It is intended to be a handbook for those who wish to become competent at surgical techniques that may be applied in general practice.

A general practitioner may be expected to be competent at wound cleansing. Practitioners who wish to go beyond this level and, for example, excise small skin lesions, must have a thorough command of certain skills and must set up their practice in a way that minor surgery can be performed responsibly.

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ISBN: 978-90-77201-29-9

authors: Prof. J. Stapert & Drs M. G. Kunz

  • Set-up and equipment
    • The treatment room
    • Instruments
    • Disinfection and disinfectants
    • Material for local anaesthesia
    • Emergency fluids
    • Collection material
    • Suture material
    • Bandaging equipment
    • Sterilisation
  • Dealing with the patient
    • Adults, Children
  • Theoretical background
    • Anatomy of the skin
    • The wound-healing procedure
    • Local anaesthesia
    • The wound
    • Tetanus prophylaxis
    • Intracutaneous and subcutaneous tumours
    • Purulent infections
    • Traumatic infections
    • Ingrown toenail
    • Anatomical-pathological examination
  • Skills
    • Local anaesthesia
    • Wound cleansing
    • Wound closure
    • Suture knotting techniques
  • Excision of benign intracutaneous tumours
    • Excision of fibroma and naevi
    • Excision of a keratinous cyst
    • Excision van benign subcutaneous tumours
    • Surgical treatment of purulent infections


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