Skills in Medicine – Bandages and Bandaging Techniques


This book describes wound care and bandaging techniques. The theoretical background will be limited to information necessary in understanding how and why bandages are used. It is written for a wide audience: general practitioners, specialist doctors, sports doctors, nurses, patient carers, physiotherapists, casting and bandaging practitioners, GP assistants and those in training for any of these roles. This book will provide the reader with information about the most commonly used bandages seen in daily practice.

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ISBN: 978-90-77201-17-6

authors: W.C.L. Robroek & Dr. G. van de Beek

  • Wounds and bandages
    • Wounds
    • Bandages
  • Bandaging materials and equipment
    • Raw materials
    • Sterility
    • Bandaging materials
    • Instruments
    • Other equipment
  • Controlling bleeding and wound care
    • Controlling external bleeding
    • Wound care
    • Treatment of blunt injuries
  • Treatment of fractures
  • Bandaging techniques
    • Basic bandaging forms
    • General rules when applying a roller bandage
    • Bandaging techniques
    • Wound dressings
    • Materials
    • How to apply an emergency dressing
    • How to apply an elastic net bandage
  • The wound compression bandage
    • Materials
  • The compression bandage
  • Support and immobilising bandages
    • Support bandages
    • The preventive ankle support bandage
    • according to Coumans
    • Sling, cravat and collar’n’cuff
    • Plaster cast
    • Pressure gradient bandage


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