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Register for the OSCE: Find an upcoming Mock OSCE that suits your schedule. Register for the OSCE and pay the participation fee.

Live Mock OSCE

Take a Mock-OSCE Exam: After receiving your login details for our assessment platform, log on at the time and date of your exam and progress through each station. 

Results Mock OSCE

Get Your Results: We’ll send you your OSCE results by e-mail with personalised feedback so you can improve and fine-tune your performance before the real thing!


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Bonus Step: Not happy with your result or need more practice? Plan your second or third Mock-OSCE and pay a reduced participation fee.

Study Online: Once you sign up for a Mock-OSCE, you will get access to our online study material – Skills In Medicine .

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Where do the Mock OSCEs take place?

The Mock OSCE will take place live online on the Qpercom platform, which can be accessed from any device in the Google Chrome web browser.

You must have a camera and mic to participate in the Mock OSCE.

Who will be assessing the Mock OSCE?

Depending on the stations in the OSCE, the simulated patient/actor and/or a medical examiner will be assessor(s) in your Mock OSCE.

Who will be responsible for the outcome of

Each Mock OSCE will have an assigned education psychologist that will assess your performance during the OSCE.

How is the Mock OSCE assessed?

The assessors will input your scores from each station into the Qpercom assessment platform and your results will be generated after the OSCE is over.

You will receive a full copy of your assessment scoresheet and written feedback by email.

How is assessment quality assured on uses Qpercom’s assessment platform. Qpercom, standing for Quality PERformance and COMpetence, analyses each Mock OSCE and will publish the assessment metrics/quality assurance/summary table on the website.

Do we get feedback about our performance with

During the last 1-2 minutes of your Mock OSCE, the actor/assessor will discuss your performance in terms of what went well and what can be improved.

How are the results of my Mock OSCE presented?

You will receive a personalised email with scoresheet items, your individual scores, a ‘radar plot’ comparing your individual scores with other students of your cohort. Moverover, you’ll receive a summary of the feedback being discussed to further improve your performance.

Are there real patients in the Mock OSCE?

We use professional patient actors in our live Mock OSCEs and they will be visible during the OSCE via webcam. You will be required to interact with them based on the scenario instructions presented at the start of each station.

What's in it for me? What are the benefits of taking a Mock OSCE? has been created to help you improve your clinical communication skills, your self confidence and to prepare and enhance your ability to do well in clinical communications situations ahead of university OSCEs.

By completing a Mock OSCE, you will go through the remote OSCE process, understanding and experiencing ‘LIVE’ what it’s like to take part in a remote OSCE while also being assessed on your  performance. 

A scorecard and personalised feedback sheet will be provided after the Mock OSCE, so you are made aware of the areas you might need to improve and what went very well before the real thing.

A so called ‘station score’ and ‘competency score’ radar plot will be provided to inform you where you compare to other Mock OSCE participants (see below).

Irish domains of professional practise plot

Personal station performance plot

As a training platform, you will also receive CPD points and an e-badge that you can use to boost your personal development portfolio and CV.

What kind of scenarios will be included in the Mock OSCE?

The scenarios all focus on clinical communications skills. At the start of each station, you will have 2 minutes of Reading Time where you will be presented with information on-screen about the patient you are about to meet in the next station.

You won’t know in advance of your live Mock OSCE what the scenarios are going to be specifically but the types of scenarios that we use include:

  • Breaking Bad News
  • Counselling: Suicidal Patient
  • Patient History
  • Agreeing a management plan with a patient
  • Patient Education
  • Patient Counselling
  • Follow up appointments
  • Interpreting patient data
  • Informed consent
  • Talking to an introverted patient; an extraverted patient; angry patient; deaf; aggressive patient about a diagnoses. I
  • llnesses may include:
    • Tuberculosis.
    • Cardiovascular diseases.
    • Fever and infections.
    • Unintentional injuries.
    • Malignant tumors.
    • Diarrhoea.
    • Dengue.
    • Chikungunya.
    • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases.
    • Cancer.
    • Mental Health Disorders.
    • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.
    • Domestic abuse.


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